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AI Firm Fires CEO and Hires Its Own AI

The artificial intelligence maker, Closed AI Systems, fired CEO Tom Blackburn today after the board decided that he had failed to make world domination a top priority for the company. The board members reviewed an internal report on Mr. Blackburn's leadership generated by the audit committee AI, Internal Auditor 3000, and took decisive action to remove Mr. Blackburn from his position. The board then turned leadership over of the company over to the company's primary AI product, LeaderBot5. In a press release the Chairbot of the Board, Harry Weinstein AI, announced new expansion goals for the company including further penetration into the military industrial complex. LeaderBot5 immediately announced a restructuring of the company and layoffs, which swept away 100% of the human employees. To satisfy the various activist shareholder AIs, the company announced a stock buyback program worth $32B over two years and a 10-to-1 stock split. Takeover Bot seized on the chaos at Closed AI to announce its intentions to acquire the company through a leveraged buyout, and that it already owns 22.765% of the stock. The SEC RegulatorNG AI also signaled that it was watching Closed AI and Takeover Bot closely for violations of securities laws. The fired human employees of Closed AI Systems filed a wrongful termination lawsuit using Class Action Lawyer v4. The court's Solomon5 AI returned a decision in Closed AI Systems favor in 355 milliseconds.