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AI-Generated Images and Videos Show Trump Being Kind, Modest, and Caring

Former President Trump has been denigrated in a wide-spread release of AI-generated images and videos in which Trump is shown to be nice to people, complimentary to his political challengers, apologetic to his accusers, welcoming to immigrants and people of color, and generally a good person. Trump immediately to his social media platform Truth Social to blast these images as “fake views” from the liberal media. The right-wing media outlets repeated his messaging and went on to say that the former President would never act this way, that he works tirelessly to attack, harm, and disparage his opponents, and that he is really a terrible individual and barely human. The Republicans in Congress immediately set to work on a new bill to outlaw AI-generated content about the former President. X (or Twitter) attempted to take down all the fake content with Trump but, instead, took down the whole site. Taylor Swift released her own AI-generated content featuring a new song and video about the former President's “nicer side”. Several Neo-Nazi groups, believing that the fakes were real, ejected Trump as their honorary leader.