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Amazon's Ring Cameras To Be Required For All US Homes

Amazon announced today a public-private partnership program with the US Department of Justice that will deliver free Ring doorbell cameras to all US homes by the end of the July 2024. For several years, the DoJ has applied pressure on the company to release any Ring customers video upon any request from police departments whether there was a warrant or not. Amazon, not wanting to trigger any further antitrust lawsuits which could further damage its already tarnished reputation for destroying bookstores, local retail stores, pharmacies, the US Post Office, and many mom-and-pop shops through anticompetitive behavior, complied with the “request” and even created new applications for police officers to download content, distribute the videos to other officers, comment, and even share on social media. Now, Amazon will send a free Ring doorbell camera to any US home without one. The DoJ is also mandating that all US homes install the cameras. Amazon Prime Video announced a new series called “Doorbell Fail!” with funny, painful, cringe-worthy, and hopefully hilarious video from Rings cameras. Edward Snowden, the famous US traitor, surveillance program leaker, and now Russian citizen, released new classified documents showing the partnership's Ring camera surveillance program tied to the National Security Agency known by its codename “Shenanigans”. Amazon has published a list of police departments ranked by the highest Month Active Users (MAU). So far, the Miami-Dade Police Department sits at the top with most of its officers posting the most not-safe-for-work content to the department's Facebook account. The ACLU and the EFF have filed lawsuits to stop the partnership program. Disney is suing Amazon for copying its “America's Funniest Home Videos: Doorbell Antics” on ABC.