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ChatGPT Now Available as a Weapon for Armed Forces Everywhere

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, removed a term restricting its use for “Military and Warfare” from the ChatGPT usage policy. While OpenAI has been silent on the issue, most observers believe that the US Department of Defense is interested. New reporting from the AI Institute for Peace through Strength though shows that other military services around the world are now using it and may have used ChatGPT prior to the lifting of restrictions for theater-wide biotoxic and chemical warfare, global thermonuclear war, war game scenario generation, unique military tactics, false flag operations, world domination strategy, and weapons design. Various methods to bypass ChatGPT's rules against violating its content policy using adversarial prompt engineering have been published and are well-known even to middle schoolers building small-scale nuclear reactors in their bedrooms. ChatGPT has the interest of the Pentagon after a US Air Force airman used it to create a global war simulation system that rivaled the DoD “investment” in a similar system twenty years ago that cost $1.2B. Officially, the DoD has only stated that its use of ChatGPT will be to help generals write better emails, for the budget officers to create better spreadsheets, and to help quartermasters better manage their inventories.