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Crisis Actors Continue Strike After Negotiations Fail

The Crisis Actors Guild walked out of contract negotiations with the Alliance of Media Manipulators today. Their strike against governments, political action committees, and media companies will continue, now in its fourth month. The Alliance initially took a hard stance against the terms presented by the Guild at the start of negotiations. They continue to resist calls on increased residuals, better rules for “self-tape” auditions, self-applied moulage, and defined limits on artificial intelligence use. The alliance fought these provisions citing the increasing costs of public opinion manipulation, the secrecy rules around funding sources, and the distractions associated with managing so many divisive issues. The Guild's negotiating committee withdrew abruptly from the talks after the intransigence of the Alliance. Guild members on the picket lines cheered their leadership's refusal of dictated terms from the Alliance and continued picketing outside government buildings and crisis film locations. Striking crisis actors were joined in solidarity by writers, screen actors, and teamsters. Placards showed colorful messages, such as “This war isn't going win itself!”, “Fake dead people are people too!”, “Faking War Feeds My Kids!”, “Every fake death means fewer guns!”, and “If it bleeds, it leads!”. A strike captain outside an elementary school, which is being used for a school shooting “incident”, reported that morale remains high amongst the striking crisis actors. The Media Manipulation Center reports that the strike has had a negative impact on public opinion, as overall support for the war continues to decline.