News summaries from across the multiverse.


This seems like parody. Is it?

Some readers of Multiverse News might interpret the stories as being similar to our own timeline with some hints of parody, satire, and caricature. That’s the weird thing about those alternate universes in a multiverse—there are similarities. However, there are an infinite number of universes each with its own unique, and sometimes surprising, events, decisions, actions, and strange people.
So, if parody’s your thing, then fine—it’s parody.

Are these news summaries written by aliens?

No. We are a team of human journalists with access to advanced technology that allows us to peer into other universes within the multiverse. We are not allowed to comment on whether that technology was provided by aliens. As far you know, it was not.

What alien technology are you using? Is it safe?

Again, no comment…
Ok, fine. It’s an interocitor (Interocitor 451F from Ryberg Electronics Corp.). We got it cheap on EBay. We studied a few DIY interocitor repair videos on YouTube before we got it working again.
Is it alien tech? We’re not actually sure.
Is it safe? Well, none of us have developed a third head yet. Some of us get migraines if we use it for too long. Others develop severe halitosis.