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Greater Access to Implants, Organs, and Wetware Soon for All Americans

President Biden is expected to sign the Build Back Better Americans bill into law tomorrow afternoon after much negotiation and wrangling in Congress. This law is expected to cost $10T over the next five years but lower the cost of human biomechanical implants and enhancements for those in need. The costs of biomechanical replacement organs have tripled since FDA approvals. The average lifetime costs of the replacement organ and implants is now well over $1.3M. The law will also accelerate the medical and surgical training programs for implanting these devices using home services. Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, and Google have all increased their product research and development investments for organ replacements and implants. Apple is said to be secretly working on products as well. The Apple iBall was new product category for enhanced vision, bringing sight to the blind and augmented reality to sighted people. Now, Apple is rumored to be working on a new liver product that can completely replace the human liver and carry out the 500 separate liver functions controlled through a user's iPhone Health app plus added features for superior alcohol absorption, allowing users to consume many alcoholic drinks with no more than a minor buzz. Google's focus has been on computer-brain interfaces, with a Matrix-style interface that uses a long probe inserted into an installed port at the back of the skull, popular among the Matrix trilogy fans. Many cash-strapped hospitals are gearing up for the expected boom of patients seeking implants and organ replacements soon after the law goes into effect. will offer simple shopping for medical implants, organ replacements, and wetware products. Amazon Home Services will offer installation procedures in the comfort one's home. Amazon Prime will supply music, movie, and show content for Prime-compatible wetware products.