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Jon Stewart, Old Man, Complains About Two Older Men

The previous host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, has returned to late night television as an old man seeking to reclaim his glory by spending his time this year focused on complaining about two other old men, one that when asked about some documents couldn't recall the details about them and the other one is the current President. The parallels of Mr. Stewart's return to television mirror the attempted return to former glory for former president Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the ravages of time and the change from TV viewers to TikTok and YouTube viewers have limited Mr. Stewart to only appearing one time a week and only under close doctor supervision instead of four times a week as he was able to do as much younger man when he first hosted the show. In his first show back, Mr. Stewart spent most of his time focused on the various gaffes, memory problems, depositions, poor choice of words, and general complaints of Biden and Trump and forced his fellow correspondents to support his gerontological assertions about these older men. At times, Mr. Stewart seemed to be confused, mixing up his own return to the show with the potential return of Trump or Biden for a second term. He was also surprised by the sudden appearance of one of the correspondents, a man who had been sitting near him since the start of the show. Overall, it was a rough start to a one-night a week hosting opportunity on this serious news program. Perhaps, Mr. Stewart is using his time on TV to jump into the presidential race as an independent candidate. If true, then voters would then have to choose between three white old guys, instead of two, leading to a more diverse political representation for old white guys and an even harder decision at the ballot box.