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Liar Whose Lies about a Liar Used by Other Liars Arrested

House Republicans, liars by trade, based their Biden-Ukraine conspiracy theory on information from an FBI confidential informant. The informant, whose name we learned after his recent arrest, is Alexander Smirnov, a probable Russian plant with a mission to embarrass the Bidens or the Republicans or both. Thankfully, the quick-witted, though slow-reacting FBI was on the case taking almost four years to check the information provided by Smirnov on a government form used by FBI agents to record raw, unverified information from confidential sources, form FD-1023. House Republicans considered that FD-1023 form full of valuable and trustworthy information on which to launch a full-scale House committee investigation of the Biden family. When the FBI did get around to validating the information provided by Smirnov, it became obvious that the information did not make much sense. There are the bribery allegations, of course, but also the claims of President Biden's childhood teddy bear obsession which has led to Hunter Biden's penchant for Beanie Babies, Joe Biden's birth certificatex which shows that he is 102 years old, and Dr. Jill Biden's recipe for Death by Chocolate cake that has killed at least three people and was covered up by the Attorney General. With Smirnov arrested and his information highly suspect, it seems that foundation of the House Republicans case against the Biden family seems shaky.