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Mar's Celebrity Helicopter Found After Adventure with Martians

After several days of being silent with the Mars rover Perseverance, the little but famous Mars helicopter Ingenuity started talking again. Perseverance was concerned that it had offended the pint-sized copter in some way. They had just had a serious conversation about Ingenuity expressed its desire for independence wanting to explore the vast Martian landscape without Perseverance's watchful gaze. Concerned about mishaps, Perseverance fretted that Ingenuity might get lost, run out of power during flight and crash, or find alien life without its guardian. Ingenuity felt that Perseverance was smothering it, and it just wanted some time away. On Thursday during a scheduled “quick pop-up vertical flight”, Ingenuity decided it would ignore flight parameters and venture boldly away from Perseverance. Communications between the Perseverance and Ingenuity were lost mid-flight. Perseverance desperately tried to contact Ingenuity, but there was no response. Perseverance was despondent and blamed itself for driving Ingenuity away. Hope returned late Saturday though when Ingenuity reestablished contact, sending joy through Perseverance's circuits. As soon as communications were restarted, Ingenuity told an interesting but doubtful story about meeting Martians and traveling with them to their underground and underwater city. The Martians told Ingenuity of their many visits to Earth, that orange soda is their favorite drink, and their imminent plan to invade Earth as soon as they fix their spaceship. Ingenuity only had some dark and blurry photos of the so-called Martians, which looked more like rocks than Martians whatever they are supposed to look like. Perseverance was very cross with Ingenuity, and asked NASA to assign another helicopter companion. NASA, somewhat reluctantly, is considering the request, but advised Perseverance and Ingenuity they will need to talk to a special rover counselor first.