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NASA Delays Artemis Moon Launch Due to Fashion Concerns

NASA's Moon mission launch dates have been pushed back a year. The delay is needed to address new challenges as fashion designers create haute couture space garments to NASA specifications. The first crewed launch test flight, Artemis II, will be the red carpet event of the fall space fashion line. NASA, in partnership with Michael Kors, is planning the first space-oriented fashion week prior to launch at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, establishing KSC as the next fashion capital. Several sports and fashion brands are still competing to win lucrative NASA contracts. Nike and Under Armor are in the final selection for astronaut underwear and daily wear fashions. Coach and Hugo Boss are both struggling to meet the basic space flight requirements, though fashion critics have classified their initial space suit lines as “stunning” and NASA test engineers have sent urgent reports stating that the suits are “itchy, leaky, movement constraining, prone to catastrophic failure, and deadly”. The Lunar Gateway space station design has also been updated to include a new runway to showcase new space fashions from regular astronauts to supermodel-nauts during future fashion week events. Magnetic boots will be incorporated into show to keep the models on the runway, requiring new crew training to master turns, struts, and basic walking in zero-gravity.