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New Hampshire Investigating Robocalls from Trump Talking about Obama

The New Hampshire attorney general's office is reviewing automated telephone calls to voters that seem to come from Trump telling the state's voters not to cast their vote for Obama in the presidential primary on Tuesday. The robocall voice sounds exactly like former President Trump and the message matches his recent ramblings at campaign rallies around the state and other events recently in Iowa. At those gatherings, Trump, seemingly confused about who he was, where he was, and what reality is, spoke about Obama's birth certificate again, how Obama let Osama bin Laden escape again, and that the current border crisis was Obama's fault since Obama was secretly a Mexican citizen. While neither former President Obama nor even the current President Biden are on the ballot for the New Hampshire primary, activists are hoping that voters remember to write in Joe Biden instead of Barack Obama. Many political analysts are not certain whether the people of New Hampshire will know who to vote for in this tight three-way race with Trump, Biden, and Obama. Mostly forgotten during this robocall scandal, Nikki Haley tried to boost her chances in New Hampshire by releasing her own wave of robocalls touting that fact that she offered an alternative to the gaffes, confusion, and chaos of having old white men as President. She also mentioned that the US was never a racist country, spurring Obama to refute that belief with his own set of robocalls. New Hampshire voters having stopped answering any calls and many have canceled their phone contracts.