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Taylor Swift Spotted at Usher Concert

R&B legend Usher performed in a Las Vegas concert at Allegiant Stadium to a sold-out crowd. Although his music career has been on a downward slide, his business sense has not. Usher used his connections in sports to increase ticket sales and ticket prices by holding the concert in the middle of a minor sporting event. Fans of R&B and pop music came for the concert of a lifetime and stayed to see the final game of the National Football League season. Usher also brought along some fellow musicians to ensure an enjoyable, if not chaotic, show. Usher was joined by Alicia Keys, Ludacris,, Lil John, and others to help him remember the lyrics to his own songs and to perform while Usher “took a breather” offstage before continuing the short but slightly memorable performance. Taylor Swift, a singer-songwriter declining in popularity but a huge Usher fan, was spotted in the crowd. Ms. Swift was able to afford the extremely expensive concert ticket price, which was a good thing since her boyfriend was also playing in the game before and after Usher's show. Taylor Swift's boyfriend's team won in overtime, but by that point most of the crowd had left after Usher's performance.