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Tesla Cybertrucks Delivered on Thursday and Recalled on Friday

Three years late on delivering Cybertrucks to customers, Tesla hand-assembled a few of the futuristic trucks on Thursday and cautiously handed the virtual keys to some irate, yet exuberant, customers. The Tesla Cybertruck is a Blade Runner styled, stainless steel alloyed, armored personnel carrier with weak armor designed to carry six people uncomfortably from home to school and back. When a concept version of the Cybertruck was unveiled in November 2019, the live demonstration included shattering the “armored” glass with a steel ball, towing the truck onto the show floor with an offstage winch, several Replicants talking about the future of trucks, and, sadly, no flying vehicles at all. More than 250,000 deposits were placed on the new trucks. After Tesla missed delivery dates for more than three years, the few customers that received their trucks were very excited even after many technical problems were discovered, like side mirrors and body panels falling off while driving, handle-less doors not opening, the center display occasionally switching to a Tesla Model Y vehicle configuration, and the big, single windshield wiper failing to clear the windshield of light rain. One customer engaged the Full Self-Driving mode, a $10,000 option, upon receiving their new truck, which then crashed into a nearby tree at slow speed and caught on fire. No one was injured, except the stock price of Tesla. On Friday, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration forced Tesla to issue a vehicle recall on the few trucks that were delivered to customers. Tesla announced that the issues were due to “software errors” and that version 0.37.201911-2 of the Cybertruck will roll off the factory floor sometime in 2024 or 2025, maybe.