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Teslas Are Not Adapting to Climate Change Well

The once up-and-coming electric vehicle company Tesla has been dealt yet another a setback as their cars apparently are not adapting well to climate change. The recent bitter cold weather in most of the US has left Tesla cars struggling or even failing to charge. Extreme cold has placed geographic range limits on the herds of Tesla vehicles, lengthening their charging time leaving the vehicles vulnerable to owner discomfort and increasing the likelihood that the owner will abandon or even sell the vehicle. There are also fewer Superchargers available to feed the now larger herd of vehicles needing to charge. This overpopulation and resource depletion has negative impacts on the survivability of the herd. Soon, the Tesla herd of Canada will be extinct, and the US herds will have to migrate further to the warmer South to survive. Rivian announced its line of electric trucks are unaffected by cold temperatures in a blatant attempt woo Tesla owners over to a heartier and stronger herd. Tesla countered that announcement with its own announcement about the new Cybertruck, which is neither cyber nor a truck. However, testing shows the stainless steel body panels will shatter in the extreme cold much like their armored glass windows.