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Ukrainian Soldiers Will Soon Rest Easier on Adjustable Beds on the Battlefield

The war between Russian and Ukraine will enter its tenth year soon with little evidence that hostilities are near the end. The US and NATO nations continue to supply the Ukrainian military with advanced weaponry and training. The US military will soon provide another several billion dollars worth of weapons and ammunition. Aid has also come from several independent organizations as well. In an announcement today, the Sleep Number Bed Company is sending electrically adjustable bed frames and memory-foam mattresses to Ukrainian troops to help in their sleep comfort. “A well-rested soldier is an effective solder,” said the Sleep Number CEO, retired Lt. General Kevin Smalls. The company has more than 100 beds en route, with more than a 1,000 more in the process of packing and shipping. When asked about the beds and their suitability in combat zones, General Smalls only indicated that frames can be powered from generators and even batteries if needed. A Ukrainian Military spokesperson thanked the company for the beds and requested that they be painted in a camouflage color scheme for the battlefield and that the company also send along the appropriate power plug adapters.