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Union of Tax Cheats Seeks to Defund the IRS

Animosity towards the Internal Revenue Service has been constant since the agency was formed in 1918 after the sixteenth Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified. Now, a more vocal group has called for the end of the IRS—the Union of Billionaires to Avoid Taxes. The “union” is a shell company with subsidiaries that include political lobbying, non-profit education, law firms, spas and retreats, and multiple media organizations all created with a singular goal to eliminate the IRS and other similar government revenue collection agencies around the world. Those with money have decided to squash those that want to take their money. The union has organized, funded, and supplied at least three major protests in Washington DC, New York, and Chicago. The protests, while mostly peaceful, used the slogan “defund the IRS” as their rallying cry. The protest in New York turned violent when the rich protesters threw Rolex watches at the assembled police. The officers dressed in riot gear and with tear gas at the ready chose to show restraint and instead collected the watches as donations to the Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York. The union found a sympathetic ear with the new Speaker of the House, who chose to advance a funding bill that took money allocated for the IRS and redirected it to support the Ukrainian war with the North Koreans over pig foot exports. The National Education Association warned that defunding the IRS would lead to deficits in school funding putting the US further behind in graduation rates, national GDP increases, ready-made fast food employees, and international mathlete championships.