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US Space Force Claims Far Side of the Moon for Secret Base

Always facing away from the Earth, the far side of the Moon is often a mystery. We Earth-bound humans never see that far side of the Moon because the Earth and the Moon are tidally locked—a cruel trick of physics conspiring against us to prevent us from experiencing a different view each moonrise. The new US Space Force has already set its sights on planting its flag on the far side with a new secret base. In an announcement yesterday, a spokesperson laid out the details of the secret base with launches starting soon too meet an aggressive construction schedule. While the Moon Treaty, which the US did not ratify, bans any military use of the Moon, the Trump-created Space Force has chosen to move forward despite outcries and complaints from other nations jealous that they cannot get to the Moon to enforce their Treaty. The Moon base will be named the Trump Moon Base and will be painted orange in honor of the former President.