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US State Department Issues Travel Warning for the United States

Citing rising political tensions and threats of violence, the US State Department issue a travel warning to avoid the United States as a travel destination. It is highly usual for a country to warn cash-laden tourists seeking adventure in a foreign land from visiting their own tourist traps, unlicensed souvenir shops, hours long lines for two minutes of fun, and overpriced hotels and resorts all designed to lighten the cash carried by weary tourists. While the State Department cited crime statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation showing declining crime rates across the US, it describes rising tensions between political activists, militias, home-grown domestic terrorist groups. Two factors driving the travel warning are politically motivated violence and the guns. As 2024 is an election year with two elderly senile candidates and a comparatively young lady running for president, the political battles may spill out onto the streets as actual violence. The January 6, 2021, insurrection targeting the US Capitol Building was listed as primary motivating event driving further political violence. The omnipresence of guns in the US was the second warning. In the United States it is not uncommon to see elementary children openly carrying handguns, middle schoolers shooting into the air at recess to celebrate good test scores, and high school students with gun racks in their trucks. The Walt Disney corporation immediately sued the State Department to take down the travel warning citing potential financial losses to its expensive travel destinations in Florida and California. The Michigan Militia, an anti-government paramilitary group in the state of Michigan, publicly applauded the State Department for deterring more foreigners away from visiting the United States.