The project of converting my front yard from turf grass with Asian shrubs to all native plants.


A composting station in sort of the shape of a capital letter E lying down, made of cargo pallets; one washing machine tub stands on top of a vertical section of pallet, while another washing machine tub stand separately off to the side, and a white pitbull is approaching around the corner of the pallet structure.

Don't worry, the composting is happening in the back yard, not the front.

I got most of my composting station built today. The part with the pallets will be your typical 3-pile compost.

View looking down into a washing machine tub sitting on the top edge of a pallet standing on its side; lots of drainage holes are clearly visible in the bottom of the tub.

This is an experiment with a different composting method. It's a no-turn slow method. I still need to punch or drill a lot of holes in the sides of this drum.

Interior view of a three-sided structure made of cargo pellets upright on their sides joined together; wire mesh lines the inside.

I used this mesh to help hold up the pile but I only had enough to do one chamber. Need to get more.

A washing machine or dryer tub sitting directly on the ground; the bottom and the sides are liberally perforated.

This tub is another no-turn composter that will be a planter when it's finished. It's also a grave marker. Two kittens from the current batch of fosters who didn't make it are buried under here so that the dog won't dig then up. It doesn't seem very dignified but it's secure.