The project of converting my front yard from turf grass with Asian shrubs to all native plants.

ground cover update

Among blades of St Augustine grass, runners of tiny oval leaves with wee clustered dry blooms/seed heads, spotted spurge.

Spotted spurge, pictured above, is highly welcome inside the log border, as is Virginia buttonweed, pictured below.

A white person's left hand holding runners of bladed leaves with fuzzy green oval seed pods, Virginia buttonweed.

However, a few weeks ago I noticed the buttonweed getting loose in the grass border on the south side next to the neighbor, so I made a mental note to go get it.

Finally did that, but the plant has already gone to seed.

I'm so new to this. I hadn't seen these seeds before.

I also saw that the spurge is getting out, so today I pulled up as much of these as I could. Probably dropped a bunch of these seeds in the process but did my best

Runners of green bladed leaves along the top of an oak log, Virginia buttonweed.