The project of converting my front yard from turf grass with Asian shrubs to all native plants.

people will misinform you

A lot of people around here will tell you that these are poison ivy.

Creeping vines with clusters of five leaves, Virginia creeper.

A vine with large leaves and clusters of five, Virginia creeper, is growing up a pecan tree.

They are not. They are Virginia creeper. In some people, they will induce a similar rash. But not nearly as many people.

A stand of tall, weedy grasses, Vasey's grass.

Likewise, this is not Johnson grass. This is Vasey's grass.

I was pretty young when I read the sequel to Jurassic Park. In it, a woman scientist is telling a girl to do all her own research because people are usually wrong. Something like 95% of the time. And she lists all the many, many ways that people are wrong.

Most of the time they don't mean any harm; they only mean to help. Yet even so, misinformation gets out there.