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Nefarious Manifesto


This is my first post on this blog. I have created this blog with the goal of it operating as an extension of my personal journal; my personal journal is just that — personal. But this blog is going to contain all of my thoughts, ideas, reflections, and musings that I don’t mind being propagated into the world. I don’t consider myself a consummate author by any stretch, but I find my insights valuable (and amusing, at the very least).

With that being said, I don’t expect this blog to “catch on” in any significant way. The attention economy we live in today disincentivizes dense, long-form content in favor of content that is easier to digest. But in doing the cost-benefit analysis of whether or not I should start this blog, I came up with the following:



To me, starting this blog sounded like a no-brainer.

On this blog, I will post about my experiences in work and school, my goals in life, my insecurities, how my perfectionism marries with my insecurities, and anything else that I feel like writing about. I have selected a minimalistic theme so that the focus of this blog will be entirely on the content that is presented. There will be no advertisements for the foreseeable future, as I do not believe in sacrificing the reader’s experience for a few pennies that will not change my life in any significant way.

If you take anything from these posts, signing up to my email list is all that I ask for.

Thank you for reading,