Writings about #cybersecurity, #cryptocurrency and other things such as #innovation

Space Poetry

Celestially placed as a naturally irrational universal being
Means I live, I live among the tangible
I feel, I feel the magical
It’s lovely to be amongst all realms
Ascending and evolving, quite sporadically in this formula.

I barely remember the cosmic nebulas I once called home.
The star dust from my tracks, blown away.
Stuck afar, I crawl to things new and strange.
Trying to find familiarity when they… they… simply can’t understand.
Their realm was meant for them, but why was I removed from mine?
Getting called a heretic, all the time.

System Overload
I couldn't hold on I was afraid, of everything in Its entirety.
Passing through invisible doors and then real doors,
How does this happen?
I was asleep then awake.
Traversing the possibilities of metaphysics.
Waiting for existence, then knowing I was existence.
Staying clear and out of the fog.
I couldn't “think” and had to just do it.
It got done.