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[E] Top 7 [online] Fora

  1. Reddit

  2. Aether.app

  3. GuteFrage (German)

  4. Quora (EN)

  5. Woman.ru (RU)

  6. Stackexchange – EN language

  7. Stackoverflow – Coding

What was I thinking back then? [it’s been a long time since I’ve written this list!]

1. Reddit

Reddit has outstanding subreddits such as:

2. Aether.app

Aether.app is AMAZING – its privacy features are top notch. Furthermore, after you’ve posted a question it’ll be deleted after a certain time period, meaning, just like disappearing messages work on Signal, you don’t need to panic about having posted sth. inappropriate a long time ago; the downside of course is that due to evanescent nature of the posts, good ones are also only allowed to sojourn. I had a few very interesting discussions over there.

3. GuteFrage

In Germany, GuteFrage is a nobrainer; there are indeed great posts out there and you can expect help of sb. else. For CPTSD though I find English or Russian posts to be more useful. As for suicidality, it’s shocking how frequent posts occur for acute help.

4. Quora

For the English content, I’ve found Quora to be a great GuteFrage equivalent. There is a great much content incl. on topics such as CPTSD and abuse. Furthermore, I believe Quora is also a great platform to publish your own blog [posts].

5. Woman.ru

Now you may laugh because of the droll choice of the domain name, LOL. When it comes to CPTSD, abuse as well as other topics, people on woman.ru often give really good advice, incl. links to great Youtube videos in Russian. Overall, I find the website to be a great resource on the Russian-speaking part of the interwebs.

6. Stackexchange

Initially I only had 5 items on this list but I desperately wanted to expand it to 7. I was able to find a great much of help on Stackexchange when I had a question regarding learning English. I still believe though that exchange with friends, particularly with Natives will give you overall faster learning experience and I use the following websites when I’m having a question alongside a conventional Startpage search where Stackexchange if often listed at the top:

7. Stackoverflow

Finally, Stackoverflow is an absolute nobrainer when it comes to finding answers to technical problems incl. coding; despite my aversion towards IT, I’ve found myself on Stackoverflow night and day trying to fix my linux issues.