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Some winter walking and kite surfing views

It was such a lovely day for a long walk today! Temperature at around -7C, moderate wind, blue skies.
A walk of almost 10Km along the Ottawa River, starting at the Mud Lake up until the Andrew Haydon Park and back.

Mud Lake - Jan 09, 2021
Mud Lake

Andrew Haydon Park - Jan 09, 2021
Andrew Haydon Park

We saw people skating in the lake, playing hockey, skiing and doing this thing where you have a snowboard or skis and let a kite move you through the ice. It's exactly like kite surfing in water but in snow. I don't know if there is a specif name for this winter sport. It's the first time I saw people doing it. The only version I knew was the one in the summer (in the water). Sounds fun!

Ottawa River - People Kite Surfing in snow - Jan 09, 2021
Ottawa River – People “Kite Surfing” in snow

We spotted squirrels and birds. It was a sunny day, there wasn't too much snow which made walking super easy, no need for snowshoes.

Andrew Haydon Park - Jan 09, 2021

Selfie - Jan 09, 2021 in Andrew Haydon Park

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