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14 Facts That Will Mess With Your Concept of Time

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  1. The day Amazon opened (July 16, 1995) is closer to the first Moon landing by astronauts (July 20, 1969) than it is to now.

2. Amy Winehouse’s album Frank (October 23, 2003) was released closer to Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA (June 4, 1984) than now.

3. The first live-action Transformers movie was released (June 28, 2007) closer to the release date of Batman Returns (June 19, 1992) than today.

4. Charlie Chaplin (died December 25, 1977) was alive to see [Star Wars](https://www.boxofficemojo.com/title/tt0076759/?ref=boser1) (released May 25, 1977).

5. The first 3D movie came out in the silent era.

6. Fauja Singh ran a marathon at the age of 100. If F Scott Fitzgerald, the author of The Great Gatsby, ran a marathon at the age of 100, he would have done it in 1996.

7. Singh is still alive today at the age of 112 (or at least I can’t find any news of his death), which is like if Fitzgerald was alive in 2008.

Image from DALL-E 2

8. iCarly’s first episode (September 8, 2007) is closer to Bill Nye the Science Guy’s first episode (1993) than today.

9. The longest-lasting active lightbulb (installed in 1901) has outlived the oldest living person (born in 1907).

10. The “apparently kid” video (August 4, 2014) was posted closer to the upload date of the “I like turtles” video (June 11, 2007) than to now.

11. Pablo Picasso (died April 9, 1973) and Eminem (born October 17, 1972) were alive at the same time.

12. Dick van Dyke (born December 13, 1925) was born before Martin Luther King Jr (January 15, 1929).

13. Daft Punk’s album Homework (January 20, 1997) was released closer to John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band’s self-titled album (December 11, 1970) than today.

14. The games company Nintendo was formed in 1889, 16 years before the modern-day push-up was introduced.

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Here's an extra one: Nelly's Country Grammar was released closer to the date of Elvis's death than today.

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