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Interesting finds, Oct 2, 2023

Things I stumbled upon on the internet last week. I've been into guides and manifestos lately, so here's a few I loved.

A credible threat to (and from) commercial social network silos/1
Case against Facebook joining the Fediverse (ActivityPub). I like this essay because it touches on the concept of Embrace, Enhance, Extinguish, a tactic Microsoft used in the 90s to kill open source technology.

King of the Hill Animation Style Guide
A detailed best practices for animators of the show. A fascinating peek into all the work that goes into animating a classic tv show.

The Website Obesity Crisis
I can never get enough manifestos against what I like to call “flash and trash” web design.

Designers Against Monoculture
Fight against corporate design sensibilities. Even has a badge you can display on your website.

Taco Bell Programming
Interesting and succinct philosophy.

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