Mere ideas


The Enemy flees to the island where the hero lived in the three Memories.

The island is fully prepared to withstand frontal assault.
But the hero “knows” of the path of the secluded beach, from where a small group could attack.

The Trio of Friends held steadfast the island against the Enemy.
But eventually succumbed.

The hero goes and build a group, following the Mementos order.

The Captain will comment on how much freedom the hero has.
”I thought they would be stricter when father passed away, but somehow, they relaxed the leash.”
”Maybe because of some rather good ideas I heard came from you.”
”Nothing great, but what about you, being demoted this much.”
”It is funny, when I was captain, I missed the freedom of the low posts, now I miss the perks of being a captain.
”Talking about the past, do you remember much, of-”
”Not really.
”I mean, I remember you figthing to save me, I remember the Mage staying behind and the thief wishing me luck while she held the mob by herself. I also remember facing the Enemy, and you three fighting in perfect harmony in front of me. But not much else.”
”I see, maybe it is a good thing. But I have to confess, as confused as I am now as I was then, one thing struck me more than anything else, when we fought, I was so much stronger than I ever dreamed to be.”
”It is about that I came searching for you,
”I want to enter the island, I want you to join me. I want the three of you to join me.”