Mere ideas

Prologue – Scene -1

The Woman brings the boy to her home and summons the Jovial Man, who says the boy can’t stay. How would the Woman explain.
The Woman says she will find a way, she will write her son if need be, and ask the Jovial Man to cooperate.

With her son’s help, she creates a ruse where he came to the island with ‘his’ son to leave in her care and depart a few days later.

Together with Jovial Man and Third Friend, they create a spell that will seal the memories of the hero and when she turns to the Woman, whom they previous agreed to be the sacrifice, the Jovial Man interrupts and takes place, he can’t be dissuaded.

The seal blocks the memory of both the hero and Jovial Man.
The Third Friend soon has to return to the main land, the College is in disarray after the rebellion, and though she wasn’t there to help, the Third Friend fully supported the upraising, only not their methods.

With the Third Friend gone and the memories blocked, a rift forms in the friendship between the Jovial Man and the Woman.

When at some point, the Woman passes away, she beying the Key, the seal is undone and the Jovial Man remembers it all. Just as the hero recovers the memories of his childhood days.