Mere ideas

The Confrontation

Three times you raised my home and detroyed my family
Three times I was force o track and kill my protectors
Three times I faced you and and three times I lost
No more

before battle:
If the power I had, was yours.
The power you have, is mine.

in battle:
Captain, shield us from the attack.
Mage, support the thief.
Theif, ya know.

For as long as I live, you cannot harm me.

After this, the enemy flees, the rebellion still proceeds, with those that became the warring factions in the three futures, arriving at the king and placing their demands.
The king will abdicate. The hero will be their collateral.

Years of regency will pass, the hero being tutored not in one art but three.
The level of competency High, Medium, Low, as the three Memories were played.
(The order in which the shield, the book and the knife were chosen.)

The Enemy is known and it has caused troubles trhoughout the regency.
And this time, when the hero faces him, he will not be alone, but with the three guardians.

By not developting the enemy’s powers but the guardian’s, the hero is able to best the enemy.

front the three confrontations:
Enemy: You die, You lose. I die? I Win!

The Return

Here, you will need this knife more than I do.

I would rather learn from a teacher than from a book.

The shield is too heavy for me to yield it yet.

The Captain
”I don’t understand…

“But I’m not required to understand, I’m required to follow.”