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Daily Writing #255 of 2023

I was browsing Lamy fountain pens in the price range of a Safari and stumbled upon this Nexx M in Graphite. The look appeals to me far more than the Safari, though both pens share a youthful style. I just think the Nexx M puts a little more emphasis on the word “style.” (I’ve always thought the Safari just looks clunky.) My only Lamy stub experience was a disappointing 1.9 mm, so I had to get this in the more common/useful 1.1 mm. It’s smooth, with just a touch of drag, but the line is a scant 1.1 in comparison to any other stub I’ve used. As a result, the effect is subtle. For a quick and easy inking, I just popped in the standard Lamy Blue cartridge, and was just as quickly reminded that it’s appearance is far too washed out for me. I prefer a more vibrant blue. Is the pen better than a Safari? For me, yes. Would I get another one? No.