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Daily Writing #257 for 2023

I had been curious about the Pilot Prera for a long time, and had it on my wishlist for nearly as long. In a birthday outing yesterday, we found ourselves at Mai Do, inside the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa, California. I spotted the Pilot Preras in the glass case at the register. With a hand basket already full of stationery and other Japanese goodies, I put back an all-black Kaweco Perkeo in medium and some air mail envelopes to make the purchase of the Prera in Slate Gray with a medium nib more sensible. Perkeos are decent beginner pens, but the Prera is a step up from Pilot’s beginner pen, the Metropolitan. And it’s well worth the higher price. I couldn’t be happier. Happy birthday to me!

I wanted something a little different from the standard black cartridge that came with the Prera, and I happened to have an unopened box of Pilot Blue Black cartridges. Nice combo!