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Daily Writing #252 of 2023

I wasn’t sure about Monteverde Olivine ink until I put it in this 1.1 stub. Nahvalur makes some excellent stub nibs—right up there with Kaweco, in my book—and this Schuylkill in Betta Mint makes for the perfect matchy-matchy. (Yes, I’m one of those.) It shows off some nice shading, yet you can actually tell the ink is green. My previous attempts at using this ink essentially looked black.

Since this is my first time sharing my daily writing here, it includes the following: the time; current temperature, expected high, expected low, current conditions; ink swatch; pen brand and model; ink brand and color; daily quote; English word of the day; and Spanish word of the day. Oh, and in the margin, I write my work schedule.

And yes, you don’t have to have good penmanship to use good pens.