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My Favorite Retractable Fountain Pen?

The Moonman/Majohn A1 is quite possibly my favorite retractable fountain pen. I have two: the stealth, all-black version with the clip; and pictured here, the white with silver trim clipless. It’s highly likely I’ll get more.

I love my Platinum Curidas—in fact, I have a second one on the way. Its price has dropped nearly in half. But it’s bulky, plastic body can’t compete with the sleek, metal body of the A1. (Steak sauce, anyone?)

Though the ridiculously-priced Lamy Dialog3 will never be in my budget, and the Pilot Vanishing Point isn’t likely to make its way into my hands any time soon, I did just snatch up a $66 Pilot Capless. (Basically, a Vanishing Point with a steel nib?) So, it will be nice to make a direct comparison between copycat and the original.

Until then, I am enjoying the shockingly-smooth EF nib—and dry but consistent flow—of the Moonman A1.

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