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One More Try: Lamy Safari

After being underwhelmed by a cheap Lamy Safari knockoff or two, I decided to try the real thing. I was completely and utterly underwhelmed—disappointed, even. After all, most people seem to go nuts over them. The broad nib was scratchy and prone to skipping. So it sat in the “good riddance” pile for a year or more. I swore off the brand entirely.

But when I got a bottle of Lamy Crystal Agate in my Truphae Inkmeister Premium subscription box (save $5), I thought I would dig out my Safari and give it one last try.

The ink is right up my alley: a medium-light grey. Much like Kaweco Smokey Grey, it looks a lot like pencil! What better color to come out of a Charcoal Lamy Safari?

In the photo above, my brief test confirmed the scratchiness of the nib. But it’s going to be the pen of the day, so it will get put to the test. I’m hopeful it will be a keeper, but I have my doubts.

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