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Review: Endless Creative Block Tear-Off Notepad

Well, that’s disappointing. I’ve heard good things about Endless Regalia paper, which is backed up by their claim of “Ink-Loving” paper. But as you can see from the bottom image, almost every pen-and-ink combo bled through the paper, making the back unusable. And maybe they foresaw this, as the dot grid on the front is not continued on the back.

To be fair, there is no mention of fountain pens in their ink-loving claims. And in its defense, there is no sign of feathering or even spreading. It shows shading well enough, and even a bit of sheen.

The icons on the front, bottom right corner are fairly useless—not to mention, unexplained on the packaging. And the prominent logo, on the back of every single sheet seems vain and a waste of space. Oh, but we can’t use the back, anyway. So, I guess it’s okay.

If you do want to try Regalia paper with your fountain pens, 80 gsm is clearly not suitable. Look for a minimum of 90 gsm. But your best bet will be 100-120 gsm.

Personally, I can’t help but compare all paper to Tomoe River. They set the bar extremely high with their 68 gsm paper performing far better than other brands’ 80+ gsm paper. Having used hundreds of pen-and-ink combos on it, I’ve only ever seen two little dots of bleed-through.

Yep, that bar is about as high as you can get. And the Endless Creative Block Tear-Off Notepad falls well short of it.