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Where’s the Monteverde Love?

Monteverde gets a lot more love for their inks than their pens. I’m a huge fan of both. Many of their pen designs are unique from any other pens. Their designs tend to be modern—like the Ritma—and unconventional—like the Regatta. They also have the world’s only (?) fountain pen multi-tool.

Monteverde Pens are frequently on clearance or deeply discounted. I recently picked up a black Ritma for $24! And the pictured Trees of the World “Avenue of the Baobabs” was snatched up on Pen Chalet for $46. Steals. Plain and simple.

The Baobabs has a 1.1 stub (far better than TWSBI stubs, in my opinion) that shows off this Krishna “Candle Day” ink beautifully. So I’m happy to use this as today’s pen.

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