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This is just a list of projects that I've undertaken with other people. Not an exhaustive list.

  1. Spoke & Bird Poetry. (2024).
    A photo is there.
  2. National Library Board of Singapore. (2024). “Open Stage Originals: Tony and friends”. Photos are here and there.
  3. Mono Singapore. (2024). “Free yummy and juicy oranges; Chinese New Year is nearly here”. There is a photo.
  4. National University Cancer Institute, Singapore. (2023). “Volunteering to play the piano at lunch-time”. A photo is there.
  5. Elisa Liu, and Jin An. (2023). 'Why Why Why Show: Episode 107. Why do shop-houses in Singapore have spiral staircases?'.
    In Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts
  6. Singapore Coffee Association. (2023). 'Cupping Series: Ecuador'..
  7. Charles Eisenstein. (2022). “The Paradox of Busy”, a Web-page. A copy of that web-page is
    at Internet Archive.
  8. Jess Chua. (2020). “Leviathan”, a Web-page. A copy of that Web-page is
    at Internet Archive.
  9. Ghee Keong, Kang. (2019). “Introducing reading materials on Free and Open-source
    Software”, an informal talk. At HackerSpace Singapore. A photo is there
  10. Jason Soo and Function 8. (2014). “A short film on the May 13 Generation.” A synopsis is at Internet Movie Database.