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“want to begin your theatre-experiencing career in earnest?”

Interactions with the world of theatre in Singapore.

  1. watched a play. “The House of Bernarda Alba.” (Produced by Wild Rice). 2014. Location: Drama Centre, National Library Board Building.
  2. Encountered Wong Souk Yee, and Jason Soo. 2014.
  3. Experienced Recess Time, by The Theatre Practice. 2019. Location: 58 Waterloo Street, Singapore.
  4. Watched a recording of an opera. “Faust”. (Produced by Royal Opera House in the United Kingdom). 2019 (approximately). Location: The Projector, Golden Mile Tower.
  5. Watched an opera. “Inconvenience of minor parts”. (Written by Felix Cheong). 2022. Location: Esplanade Theatres.
  6. Watched a play. “Muswell Hill”. (Produced by Pangdemonium). 2022. Location: Drama Centre, National Library Board Building.
  7. Exchanged functional e-mails with a certain Shaza Ishak, who works at Teater Ekamatra. 2022.
  8. Had a brief chat with an experienced actress, Neo Swee Lin. 2022. (approximately). Location: an eatery named Orange And Teal, in a mall named Rochester Mall.
  9. watched an opera. “The Butterfly Lovers”. (Produced by Wild Rice). 2023. Location: Victoria Theatre.
  10. Encountered Darren Guo. 2024.
  11. exchanged functional e-mails with a certain Chaney, who works at Checkpoint Theatre. 2024.
  12. Exchanged WhatsApp-messages with someone who works at Teater Kami. 2024.