Ideas and resources for music education.


I am David Guinane, a music teacher at the École internationale Differdange et Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg.

Before my current job, I was Head of Music at Beaumont School, St Albans (UK), and Subject Leader for Arts at The International School of The Hague (Netherlands).

Aside from my day job in the classroom, I write articles, resources and reviews for a variety of publications, such as Rhinegold Publishing, the BBC, and OCR. In addition, I have co-authored two books, published by Harper Collins and Rhinegold (see below). As a freelance music education consultant I work for a range of exam boards, Music HUBs and publishing houses.

I run CPD on a range of topics, from music technology to general music education, and often speak at music education conferences.

If you wish to contact me about training or writing, or anything else, please contact me via email or LinkedIn. If you enjoy my blog and use any of my ideas, please consider ‘buying me a coffee’.

This blog contains resources, thoughts and ideas arising from my career in music education, as well as a variety of other musings that compel me to blog.

I co-wrote How to Teach Music: Secondary, a list of 100 ideas for outstanding music departments, which I am quite proud of. I also co-wrote the OCR GCSE Music Study Guide. It is a great book, especially if you teach or study the OCR GCSE Music course.

All links go through my affiliate bookshop on (UK), and if you buy through those links, I get a few pennies.

Some recent feedback:

Standing Upright Session for young people in Newcastle

Music Tech Conference Session

North Tyneside Music Education Hub, Speaker:

A fantastic hour of CPD brilliantly delivered, thank you.
Brilliant insight in how to use Music Tech in lessons, it was very valuable to me.

Mark Allen Group Music Tech Conference, Speaker:

Excellent seminar, thank you!
Thank you that was so so so helpful!
Excellent and very informative session!