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Microsoft Teams and GarageBand files on iOS and iPadOS

Microsoft Teams doesn’t like GarageBand files.

This can be a problem if you are a Microsoft school using iPads.

The solution is simple; the workflow less so.

As Microsoft sees the ‘.band’ files (GarageBand projects) as folders, you need to zip or compress them first. On iPads this is quite easy, direct from the Files app:

This ‘.zip’ file can be attached to Teams posts, or assignments, with no problem:

When receiving the file, students need to save it somewhere sensible, then find it in the Files app (they won’t be able to open it in GarageBand, but they will try). If they click it in Files, it should un-compress and a GarageBand project will appear:

And that’s it. To make GarageBand files work with Teams, just compress them, attach them, and un-compress them afterwards. This is useful for sharing templates that students can then edit.


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