I write about things I learn from books, and my observations on being a creator

Burnout vs Slow Burn

As creative people we overestimate our abilities to do things. And this is true for creators of today who’re constantly bombarded with instant gratification and quick success stories. 

I was part of this bandwagon too.

A little over a year ago I started a blog. A newsletter. A YouTube channel. And a daily writing challenge. I did all of these diligently for roughly 45 days before I got burnt out.

I recalibrated to focus on one thing. My YouTube channel. No more, no less. A lot of my friends and well wishers have pushed me to start promoting it. I didn’t because I fear burnout. 

Creator journey something I’m doing despite my day job, personal life, and my wellness journey. There’s only so much to pack in a week.

The next time you compare yourself to your idols, remember this. Go for the slow burn.