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Anonymous Blocking

Blocking, Part 2!

Screenshot of the block button in inbox entries

Requested by many, and bringing us closer to features of other Q/A sites like CuriousCat, we now support blocking anonymous users!

Simply press the arrow on the right side of inbox entries and click “Block”. This will prevent any further questions from this anonymous user to reach you.

Just as with regular blocking, there is currently no UI to manage anonymous blocks at the moment, we will ship this soon in another release.

Some Notes

First of all, this feature is only available on questions asked from this release on, older questions/their users can't be blocked!

As users on Retrospring can be anonymous without accounts, circumventing anonymous blocks is relatively easy, if people know how. This might lead to anonymous blocks being more or less effective in some cases. You can keep blocking anonymous users, but if things get too much, disable anonymous questions entirely.

Alternatively, use muting to prevent specific questions to pop up in your inbox.

Once again, happy blocking!