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This is post 1 of 100 in my #100DaysToOffload chalenge

So in an effort to express myself more online and try to at least create a non-zero amount of content rather than just consuming everything online, I have decided to join the 100 Days To Offload Challenge. At the very least, I want to just try and get in the habit of writing more and I figure this is the best and most accountable way to do it. I haven't fully decided what topic I want to post on here going forward yet but if I can get 100 days of content out, I can think about that stuff later.

Here are some topics I'll probably cover:

And probably many others I haven't thought of yet.

I hope you enjoy these ramblings that I am throwing out into the ether. Feel free to contact me on the Fediverse @revkellyn@social.gattai.net with any comments you might have. Looking forward to writing more soon.