Wannabe Sysadmin, Ordained Dudeist Priest, and Chromebook Enthusiast.

Time For Some Changes

I feel like I have isolated myself long enough. The truth is I've suffered from #depression for most of my young life and everything drains me like crazy and it's gotten worse since the pandemic. This isolation from the world both irl and online hasn't made any of that easier. It feels like everything has gotten tougher but I have also noticed that there are plenty of reasons to have hope and positivity in my life. So I'm going to start putting myself out there again at least online and try to at least make a habit of #writing and sharing my thoughts with the world. I hope I can follow through this time but as with everything in life, all we can do is try the best that we can.

Things Giving Me Hope

One of the biggest things for me in the world of #technology is the growth of #ActivityPub, especially since #Ghost is working on joining the #Fediverse. I've subscribed to their newsletter and I am very impressed with their commitment to bringing the old #web back with this exciting new protocol. The web has been such a shithole for so long so I'm feeling inspired to do what I can to help de-enshitfy things. I can code but I'm not very good at it yet so blogging here on Write.as and adding content to the Fediverse and spreading the word about it is the next best thing. I really want to see the web full of personal blogs and non-corporate stuff again. My stance is that it's okay to do commerce online but it shouldn't be all the web is about. People should be free to make content online without being forced to monetize it in some way (especially when people don't get jack shit from their labor).

I could mention more things but this is the crux of why I'm trying to blog again. I might talk about more things giving me hope in a future blog post.

Things I'm Changing

So in order to stop isolating myself I'm going to start posting to this blog more and link it to my new #Mastodon account @revkellyn@hachyderm.io where you can also follow me as well if you are so inclined. I'm doing a lot of #SelfHosting lately too so I might setup my own Ghost or #WriteFreely instance to stay independent later on down the road. I'm going to keep blogging here on #WriteAs due to the built in audience that it provides. I'm going to try doing the #POSSE (Post On your own Site, Syndicate Everywhere) method to try to share my thoughts on my existing social profiles as well. I might join Tumblr since they are hopefully adding ActivityPub support in the near future and I can publish from WriteAs as well.

That's just the beginning though. I have a few things I'm working on that I'm pretty excited about that some of you might be interested in in the near future so look forward to that. If you want to keep up with what I'm doing, feel free to subscribe to this blog by email, RSS, or the Fediverse. My handle is @revkellyn@write.as for this blog. Talk to you all again soon!