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📝 Trying This Again

Hi! Okay I guess I fell off the wagon with blogging again. 🤣 Life of course always gets in the way of stuff we want to do but I think it's time I made time for blogging this year. Why? Because I've been noticing a major shift in the forces of the Internet as of late. With Elon Musk basically destroying Twitter, Mastodon and the Fediverse at large getting more popular, and the destruction of search as we know it at the hands of AI, I believe a battle is brewing between the corporate web and the smol and people centered web. The truth is Capitalism (as Capitalism does) has been wrecking the Internet ever since Web 2.0 became a thing. While it's true that Web 2.0 has brought a lot of helpful innovations such as Blogging, Podcasting (both powered by RSS of course), and even the Fediverse, the vast majority of the Internet (especially the web) has been corrupted by greedy Capitalists who want to use our unpaid labor (in the form of data and information) just to make a buck. We all want to make a living doing what we love to do and create value online but we can't do that if rich people keep using the value we create to make more wealth for themselves and not giving us anything in return. And lets face it, despite the fact that technology has given us was more amazing capabilities to do more of what we love, we haven't really been able to use much of any of it to our own benefit. And those services that do provide benefits for us can be totally ruined by idiots who have never did any of the work to build those services themselves on a whim. So I've decided to join the fray and commit myself to doing my part to resist what corporations are doing to the web and hopefully having fun and helping others in the process. To that end, I will dedicate this post to outlining my plans for publishing and sharing my knowledge to provide value and make a living for myself here on the open web.

A quick note before I start: This post is primarily a brain dump but I definitely want to start driving traffic to this blog for my real life friends to keep up with me as I go on this journey. Of course, anyone who finds what I am doing resonates with them are welcome to follow me as well.

📲 Social Media

To be honest, I never really liked social media. It always seemed rather antisocial in my opinion and it's not hard to see why. The idea of social media was always supposed to be that it was an easy way to get in touch with friends and loved ones, especially if they are far away. Sure, it still serves that purpose for a lot of people and I also think it's a great way for businesses to share information with customers and clients. Sadly though, it has mostly been an unending cesspool of endless targeted advertising and algorithmic fuckery boosting banal bullshit and hate speech to the point where nobody really wants to be on these platforms anymore but feel they have no choice. My aim is to change that by doing what I can to remove myself from these toxic cyberspaces and help the people I care about do the same. Here's a quick rundown of my plans for this space:

I'm sure I'll want to do more in the future but already starting my own Mastodon server and 2 blogs is already a huge project for me. I'm just going to see what happens with this and go from there.

To be continued?

Wow, that was a lot just on one subject and I think I want to add more to this but I wanted to get something out there now and see if I can gain some momentum. Stay tuned for more posts and updates to come. Thanks for reading!

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