Backend Server Grouping

Here is a case for a REST server clusters.

It provides interfaces both for clients and other backend servers.

It supports both keep-alive and close type of HTTP connection.

At the front of these REST servers, two SLBs servers the load balancing, one with public IP for clients, while the other with internal IP for backend servers.

The client side only need low QPS while backend server side has huge QPS requirement.

The simple solution is to add all the REST servers to the two SLBs.

But I am wondering if I divide the REST servers to two groups, with each group only servers one SLB, does this solution have some advantage over the first one.

The best advantage is that client side is more important, and will not be impacted by other backend servers.

But different type of QPS may cause lightweight load in client group servers while heavy load in backend side.

And the usitilization rate of REST servers is low in client side compare with the first solution.

Which one is better? Is it necessary to group servers?