Last working day

June 5th is my last working day in my current company, but not the last day. Because I have worked on many weekends and not taken many annual leaves, so I have more than 20 days of leaves to take.

Event it is the last working day, I am very busy. Not busy for transition but for daily work, making code changes, writing documents, attending technical meetings. But there is not many work for transfer because I have transited to others in daily work.

The only reason is the panic of my leaving and the doubt on other colleague. So they asked me to work until the last minute of the day.

It reminds my last day in another company several years ago.

I was assigned many bugs to fix at the day before my last day, and also was arranged a technical discussion at 10:00 of the last day.

Many people would have already finished the transition and free of work several days of the last day, and even weeks.

I am wondering why I was very busy at my last days.

The one maybe I was so capable of doing my work, and others may take more time than me; And second is the management problem. The teams don't have enough people to work, and they always want to make use everyone for more work, even at the last day.

I feel I've made a very wise decision to leave.

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