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In Another World With My Smartphone, Vol. 7

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An action-packed volume having mecha and battle shonen content. Add the new fiance which is another princess of a certain kingdom, this time from the East.

I don't know if the author does have a hatred for the country that represents Yulong IRL. I'm expecting usual combat scenes instead, the Phrase suddenly appear and then wipe off that country. On the hand, the MC came to the rescue. Politics in this novel is not that complicated and toxic compared to IRL. The fight scene is fast and can be easily digested in words, my only issue is the MC's OP-ness is all over the place as expected.

A new girl is added to the harem, though she already appeared last time, call it a foreshadowing, as expected again. Hilde is the 2nd swordswoman next to Yae and then comes the Pruning.

Pam is an insert character here yet nice small plot twist connecting the chapters. The battle shonen started, a spirit appeared and another goddess which we can relate to the new fiance, the god of sword.

The volume doesn't have your walk-in-the-park tone due to the consecutive battles yet it still carries that easy-peasy life of the Touya and his smartphone in another world.


Art ☆☆☆
Character ☆☆☆
Story ☆☆☆
Enjoyment ☆☆☆

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